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  At five he was collecting old newspapers to make money. And when he was 15 he signed his schoolmates up to start a baby-sitting circle.

  Now 20, third-year Cambridge University student, Peter Blackburn is managing director of a company with a £ 30,000 plan. And he thinks it will make more than $15,000 by next summer.

  He set up Peter Blackborn Ltd last year to bring out a new, colour term-planner that now students all over the UK are using.

  “I felt that most of the planners going around were pretty unimaginative,” he says, “I believed that I could do a better job and decided to have a go”.

  Blackburn admits that he is putting far more effort into business than his computer studies course at university. While fellow students are out with their friends, he keeps in touch with his business office in Lancashire by movable phone. Before he set up the company he spent one holiday preparing a plan that would persuade his bank to lend him money.

  “Most students work hard for a good degree because they believe that will help them get a job to support themselves,” he says “I work hard at my company, because that is what will support me next year, after I leave college.”

  Friends believe that Blackburn will make £ 1 million within 5 years.

  He is not quite so sure, however. “There’s a lot to be done yet,” he says.

  1. Choose the right order of the facts given in the passage.

  a. He spent his holiday preparing a plan.

  b. He collected newspapers.

  c. He set up his own company.

  d. He asked the bank for money.

  e. He set up a babysitting circle.

  A. e, b, c, a, d B. b, e, a, d, c C. b, e, d, a, c D. b, e, c, a, d

  2. When he was quite young, Blackburn ____ .

  A. already made a lot of money B. already had a business brain

  C. was already managing director of a company D. already set up his own business

  3. The underlined expression in the fourth paragraph “have a go,” here means ____ .

  A. give up this job and have a new one B. leave the company

  C. have a try D. develop my business quickly

  4. In spite of a college student, Blackburn ____ .

  A. spends more time on his business than on his studies course

  B. keep in touch with his business office by movable phone

  C. seldom goes out with his friends

  D. often spends whole holiday preparing business plan

  5. Which of the following best explain why Blackburn works hard at his company?

  A. He wants to do more business practice before he leaves college.

  B. He wants to make more money before he leaves college.

  C. He wants to get a good job like most students after he leaves the college.

  D. he depends on the company for his living in the future.


  1B 2 B 3 C 4 A 5 D


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