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  1.---Morning,class!Good luck to all of you in the exam! 


  A.Thesametoyou. B.You,too. C.Thankyou. D.I’msorryIcan’t. 

  2.---Idon’t think teenagers should drivecars. 

  ---_______.They aren’t serious enough. 

  A.I agree B.I don’t agree C.I think D.I don’t  think 



  A.less;lessB.less;fewerC.fewer;fewer D.fewer;less 

  4.---There are many volunteers______are helping the children in Sichuan.

  ---And most of them are college students. 

  A.which B.when C.whose D.who 

  5.---You always spend only a little timeon your study.You really_____me down. 

  ---I’m sorry,Mum.I won’t do that again. 

  A.take B.put C.let D.look 

  6.---Canyou_____your little brother? I’m busy now. 

  ---OK.I’ll do it righ tnow. 

  A.wear B.puton C.dress D.in 


  ---Because he had to finishh is work. 

  A.except B.besides C.without D.beside 

  8.---Some of the plasticbagscan’t______afterJune1. 

  ---Yes,people will usee nvironmental bag sinstead. 

  A.use B.be use C.be used D.are used 



  A.Did,work B.Are,working C.Have,worked D.Will,work 

  10.---Couldyoutellme_____? ---Becauseshelikesherstudentsverymuch. 

  A.why so many students like the teacher B.why do so many students like the teacher

  C.why did so many students like the teacher D.why so many students liked the teacher


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